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FIN 1-12 OSS - Budget Fulfillment of CHAP and OSS

In the years 2010 - 2014 the data of the financial statements to evaluate the budget fulfillment of the budget chapters, OSS and SF (SF only to 2014) were sent to the IISSP by administrators of the individual chapters. Since 2015, the data for Monitor have been taken from the RISRE module of the IISSP. These data fully replace the previously used data from the FIN 2-04 U statement. The state funds have had their own statement since 2015 - FIN 1-12 SF.

Structure description

Source Data (CSV)

Notes to Financial Statements

Indicators of accounting entity

Calculated financial and accounting measures of accounting entity.

Web Services
  • XSD
  • Statement number: 100

Web Services

Web services for transaction data are used to extract data statements of individual entities. The communication protocol between a client and the server is SOAP protocol.. By one request, you can get data of one statement of one accounting entity from one year.::

The structure of a request and a response is described in XSD schemas, which you can download either individually within the particular statement in the left part or all at once in ZIP file.. Besides the XSD schema, the file also contains a WSDL file for the service description and XML examples of the requests and responses. For error ennouncement a standard SOAP Fault is used.