Obec Mostkovice

Expenditure in the year 2018

Revenues in the year 2018

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Registered office

Prostějovská 197, 798 02 Mostkovice


13130 - Místní vládní instituce

Number of inhabitants Number of inhabitants recorded by the Czech Statistical Office for the selected year.

1 549

Approval of Financial Statements


Financial Indicators

Revenues (consolid.) Total budget revenue declared by under the current budget structure. . more

26 983 ths. CZK

Expenditures (consolid.) Total budget expenditures declared by under the current budget structure.. more

22 520 ths. CZK

Balance of revenues and expenditures (consolid.) Difference between revenues and expenditures. A positive value means a surplus, a negative means a deficit. more

4 463 ths. CZK

Debt service

Received borrowed funds Total principal amount of the bonds and principal on other borrowed funds received. more

0 ths. CZK

Interest paid Interest paid on borrowed funds. more

342 ths. CZK

Paid installments of principal borrowed funds Paid installments of bonds issued and other borrowed funds received. more

2 107 ths. CZK

Debt service total Sum paid interest on borrowed funds and principal repayments of bonds issued and other borrowed funds received more

2 449 ths. CZK


Assets total Total volume of assets or property of the organization. more

139 591 ths. CZK

Tangible fixed assets Total volume of fixed assets, which the organization uses for more than 12 months. more

129 372 ths. CZK

Gross receivables Total volume of receivables to be paid to the organization. more

1 276 ths. CZK

Short-term gross receivables Total volume of receivables to be paid to the organization to 12 months, with a nominal amount. more

1 158 ths. CZK

Short-term net receivables Total volume of receivables to be paid to the organization to 12 months, taking into account the probability of their outstanding by debtors. more

1 052 ths. CZK

Short-term financial assets Total volume of assets of the organization in the form of cash, money in bank accounts, stationery and short-term securities. more

8 187 ths. CZK


Total foreign sources Total volume of liabilities of the organization. more

13 813 ths. CZK

Long-term liabilities Total volume of liabilities which the organization has to pay not less than 12 months. more

10 175 ths. CZK

Short-term liabilities Total volume of liabilities which the organization has to pay to 12 months. more

3 638 ths. CZK


Costs Total cost of the organization in period. more

26 290 ths. CZK

Revenues Total revenues of organization for period. more

29 592 ths. CZK

Economic result Difference between total incomes and total costs of the organization. more

3 302 ths. CZK


Attributes - Obec Mostkovice, ID 00600032


Subordinate Contributory Organizations - Obec Mostkovice, ID 00600032


Financial Statements Financial Statements that were sent to the closing date of processing in CSUIS. Data are available at the end of each quarter. ' - Obec Mostkovice, ID 00600032


Balance-Sheet (balance of Assets and Liabilities)

Profit and Loss Statement

Statement of Cash Flow

Statement of Changes in Equity

Notes to Financial Statements

Approval of Financial Statements

Approving of financial statements is based on Decree No. 220/2013 Coll.

Approval Authority Zastupitelstvo obce
State of approval Schváleno
Date of approval 22. 5. 2019

Drill-through budget There are not displayed items eliminated on conoslidation at the level of the reporting unit. - Obec Mostkovice, ID 00600032


Drill-through Budget of expenditures by branch

Drill-through Budget of expenditures by sort

Drill-through Bbudget of revenue by sort

Drill-through Budget of funding

Summary Drill-through Budget


Monitoring and Auditing - Obec Mostkovice, ID 00600032


Set of information and monitoring indicators Values of indicators include subordinate contributory organizations

Economy Examination Note


Budget Responsibility - Obec Mostkovice, ID 00600032

Calculation of the economic activity management rule of local self-governing unit according to § 17 of Act No. 23/2017 Coll., on Budget Responsibility Rules

If the local government debt exceeds 60% of its average income over the last 4 financial years at the balance sheet date, the local authority shall reduce it for the following year by at least 5 % of the difference between its debt and 60 % of its average income over the last 4 financial years. Definition of the income: row 4200 part iV. statement FIN 2-12 M.


Current Calculation (since 2016)

Universal Calculator

Manual calculation regardless of teh slected year.

Row number Indicator Value
1 Revenues in the year n
2 Revenues in the year n-1
3 Revenues in the year n-2
4 Revenues in the year n-3
5 Avarage Income over the last 4 years. Avarage of the rows 1 to 4
6 Account 281 - Short-term Loans
7 Account 282 - Eskonted Short-term Bonds
8 Account 283 - Short-term Bonds Payables
9 Account 289 - Other Short-term Loans
10 Account 322 - Notes Payables
11 Account 326 - Short-term Refundable Financial Assistance
12 Account 362 - Short-term Guarantees
13 Account 451 - Long-term Loans
14 Account 452 - Long-term Refundable Financial Assistance
15 Account 453 - Long-term Bonds Payables
16 Account 456 - Long-term Guarantees
17 Account 457 - Long-term Notes Payables
18 Total Debt Sum of the rows 6 to 17
19 Debt-to-Average Income Ratio Rows Ratio 18 And 5
20 5% of the difference between the debt and 60 % avarage income over the last 4 years.