How to insert Iview on your own website?

You can insert the IView on your own website easily, similarly like for example a video from YouTube. Simply insert one line of HTML code into your website, for example for Prague:


<object data="/en/2017/i-view/ic/00064581" type="text/html" width="200" height="690"></object>
  • The attribute data data specifies the URL where the iView is generated. It includes a base year and the organization's ID
  • Attributes width and height width And height define the size of the IView. We recommend to set these parameters in order to properly integrate the iView into the layout of your site.
  • IView has a default horizontal orientation. A vertical version has at the end of the URL in the attribute data additional ?vertical=1.

Generating Iview

Generate iView of an organization, try its size and copy the code to insert into your website.


Code to Insert


Code to Insert