How to insert IView on your own website?

You can insert the IView on your own website easily, similarly like for example a video from YouTube. Simply insert one line of HTML code into your website, for example for Prague:


<object data="/en/2016/i-view/ic/00064581" type="text/html" width="200" height="690"></object>
  • The attribute data specifies the URL where the iView is generated. It includes a base year and the organization's ID .
  • Attributes width and height define the size of the IView. We recommend to set these parameters in order to properly integrate the iView into the layout of your site.
  • IView has a default horizontal orientation. A vertical version has at the end of the URL in the attribute data additional ?vertical=1 data still ?vertical=1.

Generating IVIew

Generate iView of an organization, try its size and copy the code to insert into your website.


Code to insert


Code to insert