Changes in version 2.3:

  • Publication of the statement Fin SCO
    Budget data of state contributory organizations. (e.g. National Library of Technology)
  • Examination of municipalities economy
    Information about the examination of economy is added to the profile of each municipality. The data is taken from the files published on the website of Ministry of Finance. Results of the SIMU algorithms remain in a separate tab. (e.g. Buštěhrad)
  • List of contributory organizations on chapter profiles
    Chapter profiles have now a new tab Contributory organizations that used to be accessible only from particuar subsidized OSS.
  • Complementing the CO profile page
    The profile page of centrally and locally managed contributory organizations is extended by a chart comparing the development of revenues and expenses in years (sum of main and economy activity).
  • New PDF exports
    • Notes to financial statements
    • Budget - all drill-through budgets
    • Subsidized organizations
    • Monitoring and auditing for SIMU algorithms and examination of economy
  • New concept of referencing on particular tabs
    Newly, it is possible to reference on any tab on the first or second level (e.g. Financial Statements / Balance Sheet) on the profile pages. Additionally, you can refer to particular parts of the data catalog.

Changes in version 2.2:

  • State budget (State Monitor) data source changed from statement Fin 2-04 to data of the module RISRE, system IISSP
  • Complementing the Global report and other reports to the Analytical part of the section Financial Reports / Government organization
  • Change of the structure of the source data publications - master data and transactional data – master data and transactional data
  • Tool for searching master data on the website by a user, for example master data of accounting units
  • Substitution of RARIS aplication by an extension of municipality profiles with a tab Organization´s attributes

Changes in version 2.1:

  • Publication of master data as required OpenData
  • Searching from all of accounting entities
  • PDF exports of financial statements at organizations´ profiles
  • IView for organizations
  • Filter out funds in reports of State organization
  • Small design corrections

Changes in version 2.0:

Changes in version 1.1:

  • added data extracts with source data
  • localization into English
  • new drill-through budget Summary - joint sort and branch breakdown of revenues and expenditures
  • new graph on homepage
  • function "How to do it" on homepage
  • completion of Methodology
  • enable printing directly from the browser